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Garlic and onions produce the best quality
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Export experience in more than 20 countries
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Homegrown only

Our mission

Fuente el Pino is a company dedicated to the production, processing and sale of agricultural products, specifically garlic and onions. It began life in 1989 as a result of the coming together of three entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge of the sector who decided to concentrate their efforts. Today it is one of the leading companies in Spain in the sector for exporting garlic and onions.

“Our mission is to produce garlic and onions of the highest quality, serving our customers in the shortest possible time, and retaining all the freshness of the product when harvested”


Growing export experience

Fuente el Pino is one of the largest exporters of garlic and onions in Spain. Our main customers are supermarket chains, hypermarkets and central markets, mainly in Europe, although we have commercial relationships in more than 20 countries, including Germany, England, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Central America, Brazil, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Cabo Verde and Morocco.

Research and Innovation, the guarantee of quality

We are constantly innovating and allocate a percentage of our land to research through trial fields used for garlic and onions, seeking to ensure quality and the optimal crop yield. We plant different varieties of seeds, monitor their development and select the best. In this way we ensure that 60% of our seeds for the garlic harvest are selected from our own resources, the remaining 40% being acquired from approved certified suppliers who provide certified pathogen-free seeds.