Spring garlic

Spring garlic

A variety that originated in Western and Middle Asia through its parent Allium longiscupis, and which was introduced from there to the Mediterranean, and then to other areas, where it has been cultivated for over 7,000 years. It acquires its name for being the first to be harvested. It is also known as Chinese garlic. It is easy to grow and offers a very high yield which means that it is very commonly used. This garlic has very fast growth but short conservation. It germinates very quickly if its process is not halted with an appropriate cold chain. Its bulb is of a good size, its skin is white with white or purple streaks depending on the variety, which makes it attractive to the consumer.

It is harvested from 15 May.

Characteristics: garlic with a large bulb, flattened and regular. Its skin is white or with purple streaks depending on the variety. It typically contains between 10 and 12 cloves that are
white, covered in pinkish skins. The shape is straight.

Spicy moderate/low taste on the palate, with a subtle aroma.

Area of Origin Castille La Mancha

Use: raw, semi-dry or dry, for frying, stewing or baking.

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Spring garlic