Fully controlled own-harvest

Fuente el Pino selects and cultivates the best land for growing garlic and onions, split between the two best growing areas in Spain, in the provinces of Córdoba and Castile la Mancha. The most suitable soils for our crop are sandy-clay-chalky soils that should be very fertile but at the same time permeable. Along with good conditions in terms of the cold, these create the soil and climatic conditions that give our products exceptional quality. All Fuente el Pino products come from its own harvest. Our production is located in two areas covering a total surface area of 630 hectares. Of these, 200 hectares in Andalusia and 200 hectares in Castile la Mancha are dedicated to growing onions, with a production of 22 million kilos and 230 hectares are dedicated to growing garlic, with a production of 2.5 million kilos, this being split between Andalusia and Castile la Mancha.

Our experts select very fertile virgin land or land that has been disused for a long time, analysing the soil and correcting for any deficiencies it may have. Our entire crop is irrigated in a way that allows us to ensure that the plants receive water at exactly the right moments for their growing phases.

To ensure the correct growth of our plants, our technicians control them through regular testing of our crops in the different stages of the agricultural process (testing, analysis of soils, planting, fertilizers and harvesting).