Purple garlic

Purple garlic

Prized for its high quality, this is the true representative of Spanish garlic. Intense and spicy flavour with a high content of allicin. It is one of the most popular and appreciated garlics in the national and international market due to its good quality, its intense flavour and its exceptional antibiotic and pharmacological properties. Its size is usually medium and it can be eaten whole.

It is harvested from 15th June.

Characteristics: It is characterised by the uniformity of the outer and inner bulb. The garlic bulb is of a medium size, with a uniform round shape. Its skin is white and its cloves are covered with shiny skins of a deep purple colour. It usually contains between 8 and 10 cloves of small/medium size, with a crescent shape and yellowish/white flesh.

Spicy taste and an intense aroma.

Use: Destacado ingrediente y complemento en la cocina mundial y en la mediterránea en particular es ingrediente principal en variadas recetas, combina a la perfección con carnes, pescados, sopas frías, salsas, etc.…

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Purple garlic