Sweet onion

Sweet onion

Crunchy, juicy, with a mild flavour, a tender texture, leaving a slight after-taste. Rich in sulphur compounds.

It is harvested from the month of May.

Characteristics: Onion of a straw yellow colour, with a flattened shape. It reaches up to 120 mm in diameter, vigorous and very delicate due to the tenderness, softness of its layers and its large amount of juice.

Use: It can be used raw, lightly cooked, when fried it allows less oil to be used, or grilled. The most famous sweet onions are yellow. It is the onion recommended for use in its raw form since it is so mild. It is great roasted. The best kind of onion to be caramelised is the yellow variety. When this variety of onion is caramelised it provides a rich flavour, one that is subtle and often sweet.

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Sweet onion