Grano de oro onion

Grano de oro onion

Also known as Valenciana, they are harvested late. It is the most widely grown variety of onion in both Spain and the international market due to its conservation qualities, having a large number of skins. It is easily recognisable from its colour and its quality makes it suitable for raw and industrial consumption.

It is harvested from 15th July.

Characteristics: It is usually of a good size and the weight of the bulbs exceeds 250 grams. This product has a medium/small neck. This variety of onion is yellow, with coppery tones on the outside. Its flesh is white and it has a sweet taste. The bulbs are very good for conservation. It has very good qualities for its resistance to temperature and controlled humidity.

Use: It can be fried, roasted, boiled, stewed and eaten raw.

200 g 250 g 500 g 1000 g 1500 g 2000 g Bulk in boxes Bulk in bags
No No Yes Yes1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grano de oro onion