White garlic

White garlic

This variety, despite having supporters worldwide, is losing ground to early garlic due to its greater complexity when cultivating the crop and its average yield per hectare. It is characterised by its large size, the cloves are often very visible from the outside. It is a relatively popular type of garlic because of its rustic appearance and its good capacity to be stored. Very resistant and fleshy.

Spicy medium intensity taste, which makes it the ideal condiment for many recipes.

Its cloves are of a white/ivory colour. Their shape is slightly curved.

It is harvested from 1st June.

Characteristics: the head is medium-large and irregularly shaped, covered with a white skin. It typically contains between 10 and 12 cloves that are white, covered in pinkish skins. The shape is straight.
Spicy moderate/low taste on the palate, with a subtle aroma.

Use: It can be eaten fresh, semi-dry or dry. Dried garlic is used as a seasoning and therefore the use of “garlic powder”, which is more manageable, is now widespread in modern European cooking.

Highly recommended for dishes with white meat, fish and seafood.

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White garlic